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February 21, 2017
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By Master Joe Choo – 21st Jan 2017

In conjunction with the celebrations and Chinese New Year festivities, Stonor 3 Sales Gallery hosted a Feng Shui Talk by Master Joe Choo on 21 January 2017, an event brought to you Stonor 3.

Those who attended also had fun in a quiz session followed by a Question and Answer session with Master Joe.

Master Joe Choo is the President of the Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences, a post she has been holding for 9 years. She is also a Feng Shui Consultant, Speaker, Coach, Lecturer & Writer all in one.

She has a very diverse and illustrious career ranging from corporate services to marketing and now as a very passionate Feng Shui Consultant.

Master Joe Choo gave two talks at 2pm and 4pm and spoke on the local and global economy, the weather, natural disasters and political environment. The audience were treated with interesting stories of the rooster and further explanation on how to defuse challenges for 2017. Master Joe also gave a forecast for the 12 animal zodiacs.

Master Joe Choo giving her talk at one of the Feng Shui session.

Without much ado, lets dive into Master Joe’s forecast for 2017:

Global Forecast

  1. Economy. The global economy is expected to be stagnant with heavy debts and South America will experience erratic ups and downs. However, economy in Russia, China and South East Asia will still do well.
  2. Weather and Natural Disaster. The weather is expected to be very hot and dry until mid-2017. The second half of 2017 will experience foggy weather with plenty of hail storms. Summer will come later and this will affect agriculture produce. Volcanic activity would also be prevalent in South East Asia.
  3. Political Environment. The political scene will experience a challenging time but there will be a silver lining with the exposure of scandals and corruption.

Malaysia Forecast

  1. Economy. The 1st three lunar months will be vibrant.
  2. Weather and Natural Disaster. The weather for 2017 will be very hot and dry with only occasional rain. It will be marked by a dry spell.
  3. Governing Planets. Of all the 12 animal zodiacs, those who are born in the year of the roaster and rabbit need to be aware and vigilant as they will be open to sickness, summonses and backstabbers.

12 Animal Zodiacs

Your life is smoother in 2017. There will be plenty of good news to cheer you up, especially those born in 1960 and 1984; “money luck” will embrace you.

Your career will have tremendous improvement. You are expecting big increment in your salary, yet you will be disappointed. However, there are plenty of guardian angels to make your wish come true by the end of the year.

The tigers of 1962 and 1984 would have a fantastic year! You are shielded from problems and “money luck” will embraced you. For those born in 1998 have to be careful of your health at the middle of the year.

You will have a very strong affinity with others in 2017, and not just having good friendships but these friends will lend you much help in many ways. Therefore, do not reject their kind intentions.

Your aggressiveness brings you good “money luck”, keep it up! For those born 1964 and 1988, please manage your money well because it seems like you will lose a sum of money.

You are one of the best animal zodiacs in 2017, especially those born in 1965 and 1977. Keep upgrading your knowledge to have better performance, and in the end you shall be rewarded with promotion and increment.

The Horse is the “3-killer”(三杀) of 2017, so you must be mindful. You will attract gossips, arguments and sickness. But be patient, keep your cool and you will sail through the year.

Take care of your health while you are traveling during the 4th lunar month. This is especially true for those born in 1955 and 1967. The Goat of 1991 will have a very eventful year enjoying the attention from the opposite sex and attract very good “money luck”.

Your luck will be better in 2017. You might feel lethargic in the first 2 lunar months but this is only because there is a hidden momentum building up. Everything will pick up from the 3rd lunar month onwards.

The Rooster was the ‘Governing Planet’ (太岁) of 2016. Therefore, this year you have to be careful to avoid unpleasant events. On the other hand, the Rooster of 1981 will be lucky in terms of money and career.

You will be stricken with minor sicknesses throughout the year. Do take care of your respiratory system. For those who are born in 1982 would be better off compared to the rest.

This is a good year for you to do short term investment, but do not be greedy. The Pig of 1971 have to be aware of opposite sex encounters. Avoid being too close as you will be prone to misunderstanding.