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May 30, 2013
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June 19, 2013
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Consider the needs of the average urbanite living in Kuala Lumpur today: He (or she) works at least eight hours a day, five days a week and endures the daily traffic jam to and from work. Outside of that time, meals have to be taken, home and laundry cleaned, time made for exercise, rest and relaxation, a bit of socialising and entertainment on the side. All these activities must be conducted in a safe and secured environment. There are two factors of great importance when the young and ambitious choose their homes: accessibility and convenience.

The mixed residential development concept is the solution for these people, hence the mushrooming of such developments in strategic locations across Klang Valley during recent years. These types of residential units tend to range from small to medium sizes, ideal for singles, couples or young families. Due to the moderate (yet still cosy) sizes, prices tend to lean towards the affordable, making these developments an ideal starter home.

Retail outlets are incorporated within the development, reducing the distance between the home and obtaining daily necessities. The shops are simply a lift ride away or, for the busy executive, a place to drop by on the way up home. The management is discerning towards the tenant mix and its quality, as the retail space for the mixed residential development is intended as a comprehensive one stop centre; from groceries to restaurants, from spas to child enrichment programmes. These tenants have to serve the specific needs of the residents and even the nearby community.

One such mixed residential development is G Residence. Located in the neighbourhood of Desa Pandan, where royalty and members of the elite society used to ride in the Royal Selangor Polo Club and played 18 holes in the Royal Selangor Gold Club, this part of ‘old KL’ has retained its quiet dignity. Simply a few kilometres away from the city centre, accessible through meandering roads that pass by embassies and luxurious homes, G Residence provides the accessibility that urbanites are looking for. Scheduled to be completed in February 2015, 90% of its residential units are sold. However, the management is currently undergoing the meticulous process of selecting the retail tenants.

“We’re starting early to ensure that these tenants fulfill all the needs of the residents,” said Yee Seng Tan (Architectural & Project Developments) of Tan & Tan Developments Berhad, the joint-venture partner for the developer Opt Ventures Sdn Bhd. [1] “We look to Great Eastern Mall as an example, which is a favourite neighbourhood mall for the Ampang folks, both locals and expatriates. It’s their ‘go-to’ place for their everyday needs.

While we take from Great Eastern everything that is good, we also want to add our own touch to our retail space. Our aim is to achieve an independent city living with G Residence, hence besides providing the daily necessities, there must be an element of style and class which we associate with living in KL.”

For more information about the residential units or retail leasing of G Residence, click here.

For further media enquiries, please contact David Tan at 603-2289 8934.


Site progress picture taken in May 2013.

[1] Opt Ventures Sdn Bhd is a joint venture between Tan & Tan Developments Berhad and Sin Heap Lee Development Sdn Bhd