Living in Desa Pandan: Voices from Within

April 23, 2013
Satisfying all your needs under one roof
May 30, 2013
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This is Part 3 of the Property Chronicles in Desa Pandan series of articles.

After all that has been said about Desa Pandan and its surrounding areas. let us find out what it is like living in Desa Pandan and listen directly from the “voices” within.

The interviews are seperated into three short videos, each focusing on one question. The questions will touch on the traffic conditions in the area, the convenient hangout places and what interviewees love about Desa Pandan.

Interviewees are random voices living and working in Desa Pandan, together with voices from people who frequent the area for their favourite hangout place.

Traffic conditions in Desa Pandan:

Where does everyone hangout, shop or eat:

What do they love about Desa Pandan:

We would like to thank all the interviewees for their sincere contribution in these videos. If you enjoyed the videos and information, share them on Facebook and LinkedIn. Thank you.